Apr 19 2009

Ghost4Koin - a game in less than 4 kb

A game in less than 4 kb. This image is 6 kb!

[](Click here to play the game) but watch your ears, the sound effects are very loud!

In 2009 I gathered a team of co-workers from Isotop to enter a competition where you were supposed to build a game with a final result of less than 4 kilobytes. Since I’m both interested in game development, optimization and low level actionscript this competition seemed even more compelling to me.

The game is released over at Wonderfl (, although it’s so optimized that it’s more or less impossible to understand anything =)

Setting the prerequisite The first thing we started with was going through what would be the easiest thing to do for making the game fit into 4k from a technical perspective. Then we did the exact opposite (its supposed to be a challenge) =D This meant that we wanted:

  • Bitmap graphics, not vectors
  • A 2D platformer with a huge world you can explore
  • Sound!

To achieve this we had to create our own image format (it even supports palette swapping) and generate all sounds at runtime. We had a great time hacking actionscript at this low level, and the game turned out pretty impressive (although its more technically impressive than it’s fun to play ;)). The game ended 4:th place in the competition.