Dec 15 2015

Ludum Dare 34: Disassemble

Theme: Two Buttons and/or Grow

Bullet hell with two buttons!

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With two 5 months old twin girls my time was stricly limited, and I had decided to skip this Ludum Dare. That was until I found out about the theme(s). I loved them both! And I had an idea that would be quick to implement… or so I thought.

The result would be my most successful Ludum Dare entry yet…

Lets start with the results

Out of 1232 compo entries (2870 in total)

Given that I only worked on the game a few hours every night, after the girls had gone to sleep, I have to say I'm pleased! I can only wonder how much better it would have been if I had the full 48 hours!


I used Unity as dev tool, and pretty much nothing else. The graphics are only squares, and there is no sound or music.

I spent a lot of time on the feel of the game, and posted a lot of animated gifs on Twitter, that got a lot of positive response.

I struggled a bit with a good system for creating enemy waves, but once that was in place I realized I could easily use it to generate random levels - which I do if you manage to get by the first boss in wave 6.

Even managed to squeeze in boss fights

After I released the game I got some feedback:

  • A lot of people had a hard time with the controls, and also with disassembling by mistake
  • The lack of sound
  • The webGL-player freezes for about 10 seconds(!!!) a few seconds into the first enemy wave. Never got the time to profile why that happened, but very strange! I don't do any fancy stuff…

But overall I'm very pleased with how my entry turned out, and I can't wait to participate again!