Sep 15 2010

Silver medal at Android Hackathon

I participated in Android Hackathon this weekend, where the goal was to build a game for an Android phone in one day – and the theme was retro (8-16 bits).

My plan was to make a game similar to Metro Siberia since I think that it fits very well on a phone with only a touch screen. Limited time and limited experience with Android forced me to abandon my plan of using ‘real’ levels and instead use randomly generated ones.

Still it turned out to be pretty good, and was voted as the second best game in the competition! This was even more honorable since the other entries were very well made and the competition was really hard.
Thanks everyone who participated, and thanks to Bwin, Stockholm Google Technology User Group for arranging such a great compo!

My entry (filmed with a crappy camera). Music is made by Simon Stålenhag and taken (with his permission) from our common hobby project Ripple Dot Zero.