Apr 03 2015

2.5D Platformer - Part 2

I’ve just started a Unity project at work, so even though I started off with my little c++ program I have to devote my free time to Unity for some time now. And also, since Ludum Dare 32 is only 2 weeks away, and I decided to go with unity for it, there’s even more reason to continue with Unity development yet for some time.

This one is actually one of my earliest experiments. It started out good, but I couldn’t really get it to behave just as I wanted so I put it in the dust bag. It is a good way for me to realize just how much I’ve learned since then.
My main problem was that the character was getting stuck in walls if you jumped to the side of it, and kept pressing forward. Easy enough to take care of! Just create a custom material for your platforms and modify the friction values.

Another thing I had problems with was the 3d-camera. As it’s tilted it was getting closer and closer to the charater the further he got to the right. Just because I didn’t adjust the z position. Very simple.

I started experimenting with cube texture mapping. I think tomorrow I’ll start looking into how I can write a custom shader to do it instead of modifying the UV-coordinates in the Start()-section of a script.

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