Jun 13 2013

Ripple Dot Zero

Lets cut it short! Ripple Dot Zero is my Magnum Opus! For five years me and my childhood friend, Simon Stålenhag, worked on this in our spare times. It’s an action platformer, heavily inspired by our favourite childhood Sega Genesis game titles such as Sonic the hedgehog, Strider, Wonderboy in Monster World…

Oct 06 2019

Ludum Dare 45: Mad Mans Vengeance

Theme: Start With Nothing

Finally a console game with screen shake!

My second text-based c++ game, this time however not in actual console but in a fake window using SDL (porting a console program to mac/linux was too much effort).

Even though the game was submitted in time, I did not get any rating. In order to get rating you need to recieve 20 votes, and safest way to get those is to rate 20 games. Unfortunately - in order to do so in an honest fashion a lot of time is required, and I could not get any more time after these full two days.

Therefore this will be my last Ludum Dare entry. Getting a result, being in the competition, is the very reason I’m doing this! Seems I will have to try and find another game jam I can attend instead. I feel sad about this, but I have been getting the feeling for quite some time that Ludum Dare has grown more than is actually good for it.

Link to source code:

Link to ludum dare entry (because why not):

May 16 2018

Ludum Dare 41: Dememtory

Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

Download the game (Windows only)

Source code (github)

View the Ludum Dare page

Using my partially completed text engine I’ve been working on in C++ I managed to get a top ten score in the category mood!!

Dec 15 2015

Ludum Dare 34: Disassemble

Theme: Two Buttons and/or Grow

Bullet hell with two buttons!

View the Ludum Dare page Play the game (webGL)

With two 5 months old twin girls my time was stricly limited, and I had decided to skip this Ludum Dare. That was until I found out about the theme(s). I loved them both! And I had an idea that would be quick to implement… or so I thought.

The result would be my most successful Ludum Dare entry yet…

Oct 25 2015

0 Hour Game Jam 2015

Point and click adventure about hunting a unicorn, made in 0 hours

Play the game here, directly in your browser (do not try to play it from your phone):

Timelapse of my screen of me coding the game here:

The Zero Hour Gamejam happens once a year, when daylight saving makes one hour magically dissapear. If you manage to make a game within that hour you’ll be able to claim that you made a game in 0 hours (or less).

This is the second time I participate, but unfortunately I did not manage to keep within the time limit. In fact I blew the deadline by 30 minutes. That is either “just 30 minutes”, or “50% over my budget”. I’ll choose the latter, to overshoot by that much is not ok! So why did I fail? Here are my thoughts:

Apr 21 2015

Ludum Dare 32: Caffeine Rush

Theme: Unconventional Weapon

Everyone loves cubes, right?

I am a developer who prefers two dimensions. Two dimensions means safety for me.

But sometimes we need a challenge, and I decided beforehand that I would try to make something in 3d this time. I have to say that I’m quite pleased, even though I ended up locking the movement to two axis anyway (so I guess you could call it 2.5 dimension), but I’m quite pleased with how you can play with depth to create a visually interesting maze like in the screenshot above.

Oct 16 2014

Ludum Dare 30: Trapped Between Worlds

Theme: Connected Worlds

Showdown: tiny red ninja vs. huge moose boss!

The game (flash): The timelapse: Ludum Dare page: Post about our meetup: Steves’ soundtrack:

This time I had decided beforehand that I wanted to do something more ambitious, and I decided to make a 2D platformer game with its main focus on boss fights! That’s a lot of ambition, something I got painfully aware of… I did however manage to finish it on time for the jam.

Except having an ambitious idea, I also hosted a Real World Gathering at my office at Isotop.

Read on if you want to know more about the event and the process behind the game…

Aug 24 2013

Ludum Dare 27: Shelter

Theme: Ten Seconds

I knew beforehand that I wanted to make a game that I could port to mobile devices and tablets, but the theme got me off guard a bit. The take became that you have to save cute pink blobs from a bomb with a 10 second fuse.

Jan 02 2013

Ludum Dare 25: Evil Kitten-kidnapping Pirates IN SPACE

Theme: “You are the Villain”

Title screen for the game **Evil Kitten-kidnapping pirates in space**

Ludum Dare entry View Timelapse on Youtube

This time I was aiming for a space shooter game, with a very special control scheme that I’ve been having in the back of my head for several years. Unfortunately I’m not very pleased with how my entry turned out in the end. Read on to get more details…

Sep 02 2011

Ludum Dare 21: Abandoned

Theme: Escape

Ludum Dare entry

When making my entry I wanted to make my game as creepy as possible. Since the theme was ‘Escape’ I was going for a world you probably don’t want to stay in :) As art/design isn’t really my strongest side I went with the sketchy look. Its a style I call “Fulsnyggt”, when it looks so ugly that it actually looks good.

Apr 19 2009

Ghost4Koin - a game in less than 4 kb

A game in less than 4 kb. This image is 6 kb!

[](Click here to play the game) but watch your ears, the sound effects are very loud!

In 2009 I gathered a team of co-workers from Isotop to enter a competition where you were supposed to build a game with a final result of less than 4 kilobytes. Since I’m both interested in game development, optimization and low level actionscript this competition seemed even more compelling to me.

Apr 15 2008

Metro.Siberia - People in planes edition

<< Click to play >>

A special edition of Metro.Siberia promoting the new single Pretty Buildings. A completely new level where we’ll go through the main capital city…

Also playable on newgrounds (with lots of comments)!

Dec 02 2007

Metro.Siberia underground

<< Click to play >>

Navigate through three of the Siberian underground systems in this RSSGTG (Retro Soviet Style Gravity Tunnel Game).

A very simple and addicting game inspired by the well known helicopter game, but unlike the helicopter game this game contains do not contain randomly generated levels, so your skill is all that counts.

The game (and editor) was built by me, and the art and music was created by Simon Stålenhag. The game has been played more than 10 million times since it was released in late 2007, and we have released one spinoff of the game called “People in planes”.

Feb 28 2004

Pong Screensaver

Let the computer play a set of Pong against itself when you’re away. The ball gets a small speedboost each time it hits one of the pads, so don’t expect one of thoose calm screensavers.

Jul 11 2003

Super Bobby World

<< Click to play >>

Super Bobby World was my very first “big” hobby project, and was released back in 2003.

It is a 2D platform game inspired by Monty On The Run on the Commodore 64, and Super Mario and Zelda on the NES…