May 17 2015

Iterating level design part 2 - Starting over

After spending two more nights trying to improve my 2.5d game, and not getting anywhere at all, I decided to let it rest for a while, and try to improve one of my older games instead. My choice fell on my Ludum Dare 30-entry “Trapped Between Worlds”, which meant I had to dust off my old Haxe skills once again. But it went quite smooth. The code is in surprisingly good condition regarding that I wrote most of the game in 48 hours..

I have to admit I like Haxe an aweful lot! And I realize after tonight that I still do.

You can read about how I customized the Haxepunk framework for this entry here

So the first thing I did was cleaning up the hub-level. The part where you get transported between the different levels, and where you buy updates with the money you’ve collected. I wanted to make this level much bigger and more interesting. I started by adding water and a village. Since I’m working on level design here I don’t really care much about graphics at this stage.

Village with NPC can be found here

If you walk to the left instead you will enter the forrest area, where I added a new enemy. Your regular spider that drops down from the top.

Invisible cobweb at the moment

I will keep posting updates on the progress. No playable demo this time.