Oct 25 2015

0 Hour Game Jam 2015

Point and click adventure about hunting a unicorn, made in 0 hours

Play the game here, directly in your browser (do not try to play it from your phone):

Timelapse of my screen of me coding the game here:

The Zero Hour Gamejam happens once a year, when daylight saving makes one hour magically dissapear. If you manage to make a game within that hour you’ll be able to claim that you made a game in 0 hours (or less).

This is the second time I participate, but unfortunately I did not manage to keep within the time limit. In fact I blew the deadline by 30 minutes. That is either “just 30 minutes”, or “50% over my budget”. I’ll choose the latter, to overshoot by that much is not ok! So why did I fail? Here are my thoughts:

  1. The scope was very ambitious to begin with, with no real way to downscope if time was running short. A better way is to have a much simpler idea and to add features to it, and always have a backup plan. I knew that this was a big risk, but went with it anyway. I hoped that with rigouros planning I would be able to pull it off anyway.

  2. I had planned all my tasks. I had a story board, knew exactly which drawings and which scripts I needed. I knew it was heavy on the art-side (and managed to keep my sub-deadline for art production), but totally miscalculated the time needed to create all the scenes and place all the assets in the world. This was my biggest failiure!

  3. When you code in the middle of the night you HAVE TO have some wiggle-room for bugs! You are tired, time is running out, you make mistakes. It’s like gravity. A bug inside the shop cost me something around 10-15 minutes.

So what do I learn from this? Making a game in less than one hour is hard! Estimating how long a programming task will take is hard, but also an essential skill for any developer! Therefore I’ll make sure to practice this more. The One Hour Game Jam runs once a week, and I will try to participate in a couple of those. And of course I’ll post all progress about it here.