Apr 21 2015

Ludum Dare 32: Caffeine Rush

Theme: Unconventional Weapon

Everyone loves cubes, right?

I am a developer who prefers two dimensions. Two dimensions means safety for me.

But sometimes we need a challenge, and I decided beforehand that I would try to make something in 3d this time. I have to say that I’m quite pleased, even though I ended up locking the movement to two axis anyway (so I guess you could call it 2.5 dimension), but I’m quite pleased with how you can play with depth to create a visually interesting maze like in the screenshot above.

Real World Gathering

For the second time I hosted a Real World Gathering at our office at Isotop, together with my Collegue Nils. The meetup was very successful, and we even had people coming as far as from Denmark to participate. Read more about the event here.

The game

I was a bit worried before the competition since I cannot do any 3d modelling at all, but I managed to solve it pretty neat using nothing but solid colored cubes.

But cute graphics aside: the game has one huge problem. The level design! Playing the game is pretty much walking from point A (the start of the game) to point B (the end of the game). A super linear experience.

After this competition I realized that level design is something that I really have to improve! I've got a post on it here, with more to come.

The result

1353 compo entries (2821 in total)

The result is not super bad, but not super good either. Lots of things I didn't have time to implement. And I need to improve my level design skills.

And I love Ludum Dare, and can't wait until next time…