Oct 06 2019

Ludum Dare 45: Mad Mans Vengeance

Theme: Start With Nothing

Finally a console game with screen shake!

My second text-based c++ game, this time however not in actual console but in a fake window using SDL (porting a console program to mac/linux was too much effort).

Even though the game was submitted in time, I did not get any rating. In order to get rating you need to recieve 20 votes, and safest way to get those is to rate 20 games. Unfortunately - in order to do so in an honest fashion a lot of time is required, and I could not get any more time after these full two days.

Therefore this will be my last Ludum Dare entry. Getting a result, being in the competition, is the very reason I'm doing this! Seems I will have to try and find another game jam I can attend instead. I feel sad about this, but I have been getting the feeling for quite some time that Ludum Dare has grown more than is actually good for it.