Sep 16 2018

Fight The System, Part 1

Pretty much every experienced programmer I meet who starts working in unity does the same thing. They try to work around Unitys own way of doing things, and I was no exception. I have given this phenomenon a name: to Fight The System. Usually it ends up biting you in the ass, and have you do it the Unity way with your tail tucked between your legs.

But now I’ve been working with Unity full time for over three years, and a while back I got an idea too good not to try. It’s the ultimate Fight The System!

This evening I managed to complete minor milestone #1. Rendering tiles from an old Ripple Tilesheet to a runtime generated mesh, using a custom shader to map the tile values.

It does not scroll yet, but supports rescaling the viewport (although only to even pixels in height).

This is a good start!