Mar 09 2015

Linking Libraries in C++ (Linux)

(Disclaimer: I am not an experienced C++ developer, there might be inaccuracies in the following text. I will correct any mistakes I’ll find as I progress. This article is mainly targeting myself for future references).

Feb 02 2015

handmade tommy part 1

Since the Christmas Holidays I’ve started watching the fairly new stream Handmade Hero, where we get to follow Casey Muratori, as he builds a game in C, from scratch, without any libraries, and streaming and explaining every single line of code that he writes.

I’ve been struggling with C++ for a while now, but it’s very difficult to find answers when you get into a situation where you need help with a specific problem. There are endless ways of solving the same problem in C and C++, and very often you will get contradictionary or incomplete solutions. And a lot of times people just answering “You shouldn’t do it like that” and then nothing more.

So I enjoy this video stream very much. Casey explains every single line of code he writes. And also sometimes explain other ways to solve a task, and why he prefers the one or the other. He also tackles some very advanced topics, like how to structure your code to get a good foundation for platform independance. And he does it very elegantly.

The stuff he teaches is not something you wouldn’t easily find in any text book, and corresponds to years experience, so I highly recommend watching.

At this point I’ve watched Episode 13, and coded up to episode 5. I Haven’t anything more interesting to show right now than a simple window, with a simple animated buffer (rendered in software) in Windows. All I have to show for it right now is a simple Screenshot.