May 16 2013

Ripple Dot Zero gets release date!

(Edit: Ripple Dot Zero is live and playable on

If you missed the announcement-trailer you have to check it out immediately! Yes now! Do it!

In-game screenshot from Ripple Dot Zero

Today is a big day for me. Today we announce the official release date for Ripple Dot Zero, my long ever-lasting game project together with Simon (you can find more Ripple info on our Pixeltruss-blog), but right now I just want to share my personal view.

I wrote the very first line of code for this project in February 2008, that was for our custom made level editor, and started working on the game engine shortly thereafter. That is more than five years ago!!!

A super early brainstorming sketch for our - back then - yet unnamed game

At first we were aiming for a much smaller game, but the editor turned out to be very powerful and Simon started doing more and more impressive and complex levels.

Me and Simon had a very good setup from the beginning. We were both using Subversion for version control. Simon would sit in his home, work on a new level in our level editor (which we named Saled). When he was done he would check it in to subversion and call me up, telling me about his new level – and usually add “wouldn’t it be cool if we had this and that feature, I’ve already made the graphics and added it to the level”. At this point I would check out the new level from subversion, try it out, write the code for the new feature and check it in to subversion. All Simon needed to do now was to check out the engine again and his feature was in place – fully playable.

This is how it went on and on. Slowly growing the game world as we progressed. Constantly inspiring each other with new features, game engine tweaks and graphics.

But now its finally time, its the end of an era. And by June 28, 2013 I hope you will enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed making it.