Sep 25 2014

2D Sprite Animations Part 2

Tired tonight. Only got one new part of the tutorial done, but it’s one long part left. Will have to be tomorrow:

The tutorial so far is actually really good! It goes a bit out of line in name of teaching, but I guess that’s ok.
There is no way I’ll be able to enter in that miniLD, but I guess that’s ok too. Better to go through a few of these tutorials instead and get to know all the quirks of Unity instead of trying to learn by bashing my head against it.
As soon as the tutorial is complete I’ll post a link to the final game.

Oh, and note to self:
I really need to get more familiar with MonoDevelop. It works when I copy-paste code from a website, but some methods just seems like they won’t autocomplete at all, like the

void OnBecameInvisible() {}
void OnBecameInvisible() {}

I also need to figure out the keyboard shortcuts for starting the game instead of having to click on that tiny button. Peferablydirectly from MonoDevelop.

But this is a common frustration when starting with a new editor =)