Jan 15 2015

2D platform engine in unity - part 8

Last time I promised a bigger world, and starting with animations. It seems I forgot a very important feature: moving platforms!

Todays build features:
* Moving platforms (still a bit buggy)
* The moving platform to the left is a Solid platform, you hit your head if jumping on it from below
* The moving platform to the right is a Cloud platform. You can jump on it from below, and jump through it with down+jump
Give it a try

Known bugs (to be resolved):
* The platform can currently only handle one colliding object. If two or more entities touch the platform very strange behaviour will occur.
* You can fall through a platform if you fall downwards and it moves upward at larger speeds.
And as a side note: I think the game looks better with Unitys debug stuff enabled. Don’t know if you can export the web player with those enabled. I think not…
Next time: Platform bug fixes and then performance on big worlds and animations.