Mar 01 2015

2D platform engine in unity part 9 - Fixing platforms

I haven’t been coding much (on my game, that is) for the past two months. Instead I’ve spent a lot of time watching the Handmade Hero stream. It’s really fascinating and I highly recommend it, but I’ve been having some code cravings lately. So I decided to go back to my platform engine again.

Last time I coded on it I left it in a rather poor condition, with some buggy moving platforms. The problem is that the Character2dController reports to the platform that it has collided with it, and the platform keeps track of the colliding entity and reports back its change in movement to the Character2dController. But the platform only held a single instance of the colliding object, meaning it messed up if more than one entity intersected it. The problem was solved as easy as changing the variable to a list.

Something that is very useful when debugging this kind of graphical application (with several entities with different state and values) is to be able to easily read state data. For this I’ve added debug output above each Character. This debug is a stand alone component, so I could easily add it to the moving platform as well, to verify that the list of colliding GameObjects counts up and down as expected.

Apart from this bug fix there’s no new features, so I don’t provide a new build today.