Oct 14 2014

custom 2D physics in unity - part 1

I have found a fantastic tutorial series on 2d in Unity which can be found here (it’s several hours in length).
Not only do they build a complete game (instead of the usual one-screen-tutorials most others do), they also tackle complex subjects such as slopes and moving platforms. And they do it with really beautiful code! It’s very obvious that the programmer is extremely talanted. He manages to keep the code very clean and readable, and keep the abstraction levels very well separated. This is one of the best game programming tutorials I’ve seen in a very long time! I highly recommend it!

And after watching through it I started writing my own custom 2d physics. Why? Because I don’t like the built in for 2d games. You cannot do obvious things such as cloud tile collisions for example.

<< Click to play >> (move with arrow keys, press shift to move faster)