Dec 29 2014

custom 2D physics in unity - part 7

First of all, a disclaimer: I have decided to change the name from physics to platform engine from this point. Not sure how much more physics I will implement right now. I think from now on it’s time to focus more on trying to make this into something playable.

Todays build features the following:
* Bugfix for Treadmills reaction to player
* FPS Counter (in top left corner)
* Xbox 360 Controller support (at least on Windows), not sure if it works in web player…
* NPC:s with same physics component as player. Very simple AI controller

Give it a try

Finally the work started to pay off with decoupled physics. The input is also decoupled, meaning that I could just duplicate the player logic, remove the input script and attach a simple AI controller instead. Now we have a whole bunch of red NPC:s running and jumping around.

I think next step might be to build a larger world to be able to see if performance is doing ok in a larger setting. Otherwise I think that it’s time to start looking into graphics and animations.