Jul 31 2010

Embedded fonts disappear when updating to Flex SDK 4.1

I recently updated my flex SDK to 4.1, (from 3.x) just to find that all my embedded fonts were missing.

This was the scenario:

  • Embedding fonts using the [Embed] meta tag
  • Applying font using TextFormat (don’t know what happens if you use CSS, my guess is that it won’t work either)

Quick fix: note the “embedAsCFF”

[Embed(source="font.ttf", fontFamily="x", mimeType="application/x-font", embedAsCFF="false")]
public var FontClass:Class;
Apr 27 2010

A collection of tutorials

Here are some really good tutorials. They are definetly worth your time!
Excellent tutorials by Keith Peters about Perspective, Elasticity, 3D Rotation and more. A good place to start looking for your first steps in 3d!
Learn some really cool old school computer graphics effects such as perlin noise fire, ray casting or some Image Arithmetic.

Feb 28 2010

How to make a game like Metro.Siberia

A guy named Emanuel Feronato has written a series of tutorials about how to make a game like Metre.Siberia. I think the tutorial is a good place for thoose of you who are pretty new with flash/actionscript, and I’m flattered that he choose MS to make a tutorial of!

Apr 28 2006

Nibbles - by my brother

This is the game “Snake” – most known from the nokia-cellphones, but before that the game was called “Nibbles” and programmed on QBasic.