Dec 02 2007


This Swedish weather application was released in late 2007 and had lots of really cool features. You could check the weather all around the world, and could play, fast forward or rewind the weather forecasts. I kept developing and maintaining the app until 2010 when it was taken down. Up until then it had spawned several sub-applications such as “Sjövädret”, “Skidvädret” and “Pollenvädret,” which were using the same engine…

The flash front end of this app was made by Isotop, using our in-house flash framework F3 (which was primarily used to glue several different modular “flashlets” together, synchronizing them and configuring them), and the backend was powered by Polopoly.

I was involved in both the concept phase and in the production, building most of the front end – involving everything from the “Weather seek-bar” and all the GUI components to organizing the structure of the code so that it was possible to re-use and tweak parts of the code for the other applications that used the engine.

As you might have guessed I’m mighty proud to have been a part of the dev-team. Above all I’m very satisfied with the responsiveness and overall feeling of the app, and I’m very sad that it isn’t live anymore. I did – however – manage to grab a few screen casts of the app just before it went offline. I will probably show these videos to my grandchildren some day.

Oh, and by the way. At the end of the video I’ll reveal the secret easter egg I added just before we released the app.

  And here is another, demoing the different ways you could manipulate the playback of the weather forecast. It was actually a pretty complex operation involving several runtime generated swf-movies (you cannot play a regular video backwards) playing in sequence with still images in between for optimal quality