Dec 23 2021

Demeo wins big at UploadVR Best of 2021 Awards

Demeo managed to win grand slam in UploadVRs Best Of 2021 Awards where it did not only win every single category it was nominated in, it also won the very prestigeful Game of the year!

Demeo won these awards:

  • Game of the year
  • Best Co-op multiplayer
  • Best PC VR game

And on top of it all, Resolution Games won Best VR Developer.

Very, very, VERY happy about this =D

Best Game of the Year
Best Co-op Multiplayer Game
Best PC VR Game

Nov 19 2021

Demeo wins VR Game of the Year

WE WON \o/

Among some pretty firece competition, including:

  • Doom 3: VR Edition
  • Star Wars: Squadrons, by Electronic Arts
  • Star Wars / Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, by ILMxLAB

My old, dear, 3.5 years in the making, pet project Demeo managed to take home the prestigeful VR Game of the Year Award. I cannot express how proud and happy I was to receive these news. Me and my awesome team members has worked so hard to make this experience be something really amazing, and both the engagement from our community, and awards like this, makes it feel like it was truly worth it.

Jun 28 2021

Demeo: Realm of the Rat King

Just a few months after the initial release, and some very hard work from everyone on the team, we managed to release our second module “Realm of the Rat King”, which added a few new interesting game mechanics (like how darkness limits your view range, which adds the need of torches), which turned out to be brutally difficult.

But with a huge and active community, players soon managed to figure out strategies to help defeat the infamous Rat King.

May 06 2021


We finally released this amazing project: a multiplayer boardgame in VR, that I’ve been working on for the past three years. And the result and the reception has been outstanding!

Here is the teaser trailer

First impressions by some pretty famous persons… :-O

Statement from our CEO

Click below to read about my part in the project.

Jan 30 2018


Ship Ohoy! Narrows is a strategy game inspried by games like FTL, but with it’s own spin on it… and on the high seas of course!

I was on the project from the very start, prototyping, production, polish. I worked mainly on the ship view/sea combat. I was the only programmer during prototyping and the fencing mini game, but was involved in almost every part of the game.

This game is very close to my heart. Near the end the game was so much fun to play that development took forever since every time I needed to test something I got stuck playing…

Unfortunately the game is not very easy to get a hold of. At the time of writing this it only exists on Google’s (now discontinued) mobile VR headset Daydream, or Oculus GO. I hope it will get ported onto more platforms!

Mar 23 2017

Hamster Hoops

Three months after the initial release we added Pass and Play functionality to Wonderglade, and at the same time added a new mini-game.

I think it is worth mentioning this update in its own post as Hamster Hoops is (in my own humble oppinion) the very best of all the mini games. In this game the greatness of our team really shined through!

I spent over two weeks just prototyping the controls (turns out throwing basket balls using a 3-DOF Daydream controller is not only more difficult than you can imagine, it’s pretty much impossible), and also working very close with our new, and extremely talented game designer to make the challenge interesting enough. Not to forget the awesome 3d-artists who implemented most of the art during the two days I was home sick with the flu.

Jan 02 2017


Wonderglade is the second game from Resolution Games I worked on (also the second game they released). It’s a collection of mini games in a theme park setting, and it was released for Google Daydream, their mobile vr project. The game was released for free, and has really good ratings!

Screenshot from Google Play Store, taken 25 sept 2017
Mar 24 2016


Today Resolution Games (where I work) have released the game Bait! for Samsung Gear VR. Relax, catch some fish, upgrade your gear, chat with the local hillbilly.

I was on the team for the last three months of development.

Sep 26 2013

Big Bad Wolf Wins Game Of The Year Award

Last night, at the annual EGR Operator Awards (EGR is the world’s acknowledged leaders in business-to-business information provision for the online gaming industry) Quickspin scored big by winning the prestigious Game Of The Year with the game Big Bad Wolf.

It’s also worth noting that our game had some really fierce competition. Among the other nominated games you’ll find titles such as Elements: The Awakening by Net Entertainment and MONOPOLY Plus by IGT (the links are to their youtube trailers).

So I’m very happy for Quickspin to win this award, and I’m also very proud myself since I took a very active role in the development of this game. As Lead Developer I designed the overall system for the game, implemented the “swooping reels” feature and lead the team during the production phase as Scrum Master.

So my huge congratulations to Quickspin, and to the entire Big Bad Wolf Team.

Here are some links about the event:

May 16 2013

Big Bad Wolf

Big bad wolf is a slot game with a nice twist. If you get a win, all symbols involved in that win will be removed, and new symbols will fall down – meaning that a win can trigger another win, chaining together huge combos (like bejeweled).

I was lead developer (and scrum master) on this game, which was produced by Quickspin.

May 16 2013


Supernova is a Slot Machine from Quickspin, where you can multiply any wins you get with the amount specified in the two right-most reels (by most you can get x10 + x10).

The game gets pretty intense if you get really high wins (as this video below shows).

For the most part of this project I was the only developer. I was also Scrum master. One of the two artists working on this game together with me was actually Simon, who made all graphics and level design for Ripple Dot Zero and Metro Siberia.

Jun 07 2009


During my time at Isotop I have worked a lot with flash based video players. It all started with a brand new videoplayer for in late 2008, and since then I have been maintaining and kept adding features and new versions. Let me take you to a trip down memory lane, and have a look at a few of all the different versions and variations of the player I have been involved in…

Aug 08 2008

Battlefield Bad Company

During 2008 I spent two months consulting at DICE, working on Battlefield Bad Company.

I did mostly in-game UI stuff. Among other things I built the system for setting up and handle hud/cross-hairs for the weapons and vehicles, and for handling special properties (zoom in with sniper rifle, number of rounds in grenade launcher or current heading and altitude in helicopters). I also worked on the loading screens and health bars.

It was a very exciting project to work with, and of course I’m extremely proud to see my name listed in the credits!

Dec 02 2007


This Swedish weather application was released in late 2007 and had lots of really cool features. You could check the weather all around the world, and could play, fast forward or rewind the weather forecasts. I kept developing and maintaining the app until 2010 when it was taken down. Up until then it had spawned several sub-applications such as “Sjövädret”, “Skidvädret” and “Pollenvädret,” which were using the same engine…